Groupie Love by Lana Del Rey ft. A$AP Rocky

This song is written by A$AP Rocky, Lana Del Rey and Rick Nowels and produced by Dean Reid, Hector Delgado, Kieron Menzies, Lana Del Rey & Rick Nowels via A$AP Rocky Music Publishing, EMI April Music Inc, LLC, R-Rated Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (ASCAP) & Sony/ATV Songs LLC.

"Groupie Love" is in the key of F# Minor if you play Uke you need to put capo on 2nd fret to play this song with basic version. It uses 6 chords with 1 3dominant 6 4 4m progression for the whole song and use B7 & Cm as substitution chord. Use Down Down UpDownUpDown Down strumming pattern per chord.

See example of chords lyrics here:

You're in the bar, playing guitar
I'm trying not to let the crowd next to me
It's so hard sometimes with the star
                   C                                    Cm
When you have to share him with everybody

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